The Motor Report

Graphic and Web Designer May 2009 - November 2011
The Motor Report screenshots

Founded in 2007, The Motor Report is Australia’s fastest growing and most trusted independent automotive news and reviews website.

In 2009 I joined The Motor Report and was tasked with giving the website a full overhaul.

I worked very closely with the rest of the TMR team to analyse the behaviour of the users and developed a strategy for how to move forward while integrating a number of new features.

As The Motor Report was my second large automotive news project, after Motor Authority. I was able to use all the lessons learned from Motor Authority in designing an experience which would be highly beneficial to both the readers, and the advertisers.

Over the course of two months, we completely overhauled the look of The Motor Report and developed a large number of improvements to the custom designed platform which runs the website.

Just like Motor Authority before it, The Motor Report turned into a great learning experience which pushed me to polish my skills in virtually all areas, from UX, graphic and web design, to project management and art direction.

I find that websites such as this provide the most opportunity for expanding my skill set, as the massive traffic and highly engaged users offer countless opportunities to test hundreds of ideas very rapidly, and in turn provide a stunning user experience.

To this day I remain great friends with my colleagues from The Motor Report and occasionally work on various interesting projects with them. 2009 redesign mobile website