UX Lead & Photographer May 2012 - June 2014
HomeQ screenshots

HomeQ is one of Australia's leading replica furniture retailers, which believes that replica furniture doesn't have to be inferior quality, and can in fact be as well made as the originals.

When I joined HomeQ in 2012 I instantly knew that I joined a very exciting project. Passionate team, massive room for growth, and thousands of interesting new products.

The first year of the project I have spent working remotely. During this time I was in charge of developing the brand image and creating the design for a stunning and fresh new website.

When launched, the HomeQ brand was met with a lot of enthusiasm from the customers and rapidly began developing a loyal customer base both in personal homes, and corporate offices all around Australia.

By 2013, the number of my responsibilities grew to the point where it was getting increasingly difficult to continue working remotely.

One-direction ticket and a 20 hour flight later, I arrived in sunny Sydney for the opportunity to work closely with the HomeQ team.

Immediately upon arrival I jumped head-first into giving the website a full overhaul from the ground up.

While the existing website was working extremely well and boasted outstanding conversion rates we knew that within the near future we would outgrow it when considering the direction in which we wanted to take the company.

Over the next 3 months I worked very closely with the entire HomeQ team to develop a brand new website which would improve conversion rates, customer satisfaction and the overall user experience.

To allow the other team members to focus on other areas of growing the company, I also took up overseeing and managing the remote development team.

Role as photographer

When I began working in-house for HomeQ, one of the things I very quickly took over was the photography. Originally all the photos that were used on the website were shot directly at the factory and were often less than ideal and didn't do the products justice.

Seeing this as an opportunity, within a week I made room for and set up a photo studio directly in the showroom as all the furniture was already on site and wouldn't require any additional transport costs.

During my time with HomeQ I shot hundreds of products in every material possible and was responsible for all post processing and preparation of the images for the web.

  • Egg Chair in Red Leather
  • Eames Coffee Table and Chair
  • Eames Office Chairs
  • Egg Chair in Green Cashmere
  • Executive Chairs
  • Shell Chair
  • Tulip Chair
  • Metro Chair and Ottoman
  • Panton Chairs
  • Purple Chair
  • Grant Featherston Chair with Ottoman in Tan Cashmere
  • Knoll 2 Seater in Tan Aniline Leather
  • Table
  • Colourful button 2 Seater
  • Green and black Sofa
  • Barcelona Chair in Black Leather

HomeQ.com.au website 2014

A combination of all lessons learned from the first version of the website combined with 2 years of real world usage by our customers, we completely overhauled the website and improved in virtually all quantifiable ways.

On the redesigned website the conversion rate was significantly higher, time on page improved by over 50% and the number of issues of customers having trouble with the website went down. Overall, an extremely successful redesign.

HomeQ.com.au website 2012

The first version of the HomeQ website was launched in 2012 and continued to evolve until late 2013.

During these years we tested dozens of various outlays for the various pages, various checkout styles and hundreds of other smaller tests.

  • 2012_R1640: Homepage
  • 2012_R1650_Holiday: During the winter holidays the website was decorated.
  • 2012_R1500_Checkout: Demonstating the Completed, Current and Inactive states for the different steps of the checkout process.
  • 2012_R1500: Post-Checkout page giving the customer all the needed details and prompting them to share.