Graphic & Web Designer December 2011 - July 2012
COMO screenshots

COMO is a Sydney based premium furniture retailer specialising in luxurious leather products.

COMO was one of my first ecommerce projects where I was fully responsible for the design and development of the storefront.

There is one very important thing to keep in mind with retailers who operate physical showrooms, such as COMO.

That is simply that when customers spend choose to spend anywhere from 5 to 15 thousand dollars on a piece of furniture, they want to see every possible tiny and intricate detail. From the stitching of the leather on the back of a cushion, to the welding and polish on the sofa legs. Every detail is important.

While the website was primarily an ecommerce project, one of the primary goals was to build confidence in the brand with highly engaging imagery in order to entice the customers to come into the showroom and experience the quality first hand.

After a number of revisions and testing we found that the optimal website had large, screen-filling and immersive photography.

We applied this finding across all pages, from product specific pages, to pages that talked in detail about the quality of the products.

Various print work

In addition to creating the ecommerce website I designed a number of magazine advertisements, showroom banners, and various other things for COMO.

Among the many things I designed, one of my favourite pieces was this poster used to promote the company bespoke lounge service. It was used both on the web, as a showroom poster and in various print advertisements.

COMO screenshots