Australian Business Traveller

UX Lead August 2010 - June 2014
AusBT screenshots

Australian Business Traveller is the leading independent business travel website and is turned to for business travel news by major news sources such as ABC, The Financial, The San Francisco Chronicle and even Australia’s Queensland Government.

I was thrilled to join and help shape the future of this exciting project right at at the inception.

Working very closely with the editors and executives of Australian Business Traveller, I led both the design of the original version of the website in 2010 as well as the complete overhaul in 2014.

AusBT turned into an very exciting project for me very quickly.

Not only was it operating in an industry that I had very little experience in, which provided an extremely valuable learning opportunity for me on all levels.

But it also had an unparalled community of highly engaged readers which truly cared about both the future of the website and all the writers and editors. website 2014 redesign

The overhaul of AusBT has proven to be just as challenging as the original.

Within the 3 years that Australian Business Traveller was online, alot has changed with how content is consumed, and we had to address all of those concerns in this redesign.

While a lot had to be changed, the AusBT community had grown to be very attached to how things were on the website and so at every step of the redesign process, we had to stop and consider how the current loyal readers would react. website 2010

The original Australian Business Traveller website became an interesting challenge, The entire project needed to be completed in only a few months in order to launch right before the peak travel season.

At the same time we needed to take the time to truly understand the needs and preferences of community that we would be serving, to be able to deliver the highest quality content in the most efficient way possible.